We believe that a fully functional Lyme clinic needs a full-time team of Lyme literate doctors and nurses to run it and support patients.

Lyme disease is still a very under-supported disease in the US meaning that attracting committed Lyme doctors and nurses has been an ongoing challenge.

We are no longer prescribing antibiotics/disulfiram to Lyme patients because we use cutting-edge and more effective methods.

Our Major Tasks

Our team is happy to provide Lyme support services to Lyme patients as long as they are already under the care of a Lyme literate doctor.

More precisely, we treat the disease using modern methods and provide treatment for Lyme that hasn’t been improved with conventional methods using exosome therapy.

We provide the therapies like:
  • exosomes;
  • peptides;
  • HRT;
  • testosterone;
  • HGH;
  • sermorelin;
  • thyroid.

We also treat the consequences of autoimmune disorders like arthritis and osteoarthritis and provide hormone testing services and hormone replacement treatments.

Our Mission

Our philosophy is to support you the best we can to become and stay healthy and happy. We combine both traditional and natural medicine together to find the best treatments for you.

We use holistic diagnostic testing and analysis that’s rarely done in conventional medicine to uncover the hidden causes of why people feel the way they feel.
We believe that the root underlying causes can be linked to one or more of these causes: nutritional deficiency, environmental poisons, chronic infections like Lyme disease, chronic inflammation, metabolic disorders (lifestyle), and psychological traumas.

Our Achievements

We have a high rate of clinical success according to our own outcomes in treating a wide range of autoimmune disorders, inflammations of joints, hormone-borne diseases, thyroid conditions, and more.

We provide a full spectrum approach to patients’ health problems. Drawing on their extensive knowledge and experience, our doctors provide in-depth insights into underlying health problems

We treat the underlying problems as well as the symptoms.

Where necessary, functional medical tests are recommended and arranged to prove the diagnosis and to help formulate a treatment plan.

If you need a free consultation provided as soon as possible, feel free to contact our medical staff here.